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Learning Budds is an innovative and interactive live online Learning Management System (LMS). This is a blended method of delivering professional training to people who want to learn from the comfort of their desk but at the same time do not want to miss out on the benefits of direct interaction with the instructor. This is not a pre-recorded training session or videos. This is a live online interactive training session delivered via webinar format that will allow trainees to learn and or refresh professional knowledge in flexible one hour sessions.

People take business courses for various reasons - to upgrade/refresh skills / take refresher courses for better job opportunities, gain efficiency, or simply to keep up with the constantly changing business environment. Presently there are two primary ways of taking these business courses: Classroom training and self-initiated learnings on the internet e.g. Lynda.com, Udemy.com. If we compare these two options with the analogy of our daily physical exercise routines, classroom training is comparable to going to a group exercise at the gym, while self-initiated learning on the internet is comparable to following a personal workout routine at home. These two streams of learning exist due to our individual preferences.

However, neither of these two options cater to a substantial segment of the population. The two biggest weaknesses drawback of these two methods are [a] lack of time to travel to and sit in a formal classroom setting for hours in case of first option and [b] in case of self-initiated learning, lack of discipline or motivation to continue. Examples of people with such needs :

1. A person out of the workforce for a length of time who plans to refresh his or her skills to gain confidence for going back to work

2. A new entrant to the employment market, for example, a new immigrant who needs affordable courses relevant to the job market in a new place

3. An employee who was not born into this computer era but needs to work with office computers

4. A skilled tradesperson working in manufacturing or service industry, who needs office tools for career or business advancement

5. A supervisor/ manager responsible for managing people, who has lost touch with the latest office tools

6. Personnel supporting executives who are very busy but usually do not get chance to upgrade their skills

What We Do

"Learning Budds" sessions are live, flexibly scheduled, interactive webinars led by instructors, where trainees will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time, similar to having a personal trainer showing you exercises in person. This blended method of training will benefit the trainees in a few ways, interactive webinars to ask questions, no travelling to school, or sitting in a training room for hours while work is piling up and flexible webinar schedules. The trainee can continue with the daily routine. The cost of learning in this blended method will be considerably low per trainee considering, no travel time, low cost and no interruption in work-schedule interruption. The trainers are all highly experienced professionals and are capable of delivering quality training. Training of "Learning Budds" training will help you raise your skills step higher every day and our money- back guarantee stands for your assurance.
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