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We offer webinars from free to paid to help you to get a feel for our classes. We believe that anyone can learn something new and our interactive webinars make it easy to prove. Want to learn even more? You can join a paid class at anytime, without upgrading your account.

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Fast Pace

Learning something new doesn't have to take years. We believe that courses should be structured in a way that helps you get off the ground quickly. We work efficiently through the best content with great instructors and real time communication through Zoom.us to allow you to reach your desired skill faster.

Course Selection

Select from any of our active courses, team up with trainers and others that are learning about the same skills. You can select and purchase the courses easily and securely online, all of our payments are handled through PayPal's secure payment gateway.


Scheduling is clear and concise and our professional instructors join webinars and meetings with you promptly. If you miss a webinar for any part of any course you can be reassured that all of the course content and videos are saved. We upload replays to Learning Budds so you can always reference material for the lifetime of your paid subscription, whenever you need it.

Track Progress

Our courses are broken down by lesson plan and the individual lessons. This allows you to follow your progress. We follow up after the course for feedback on how you are doing. We want to make sure you feel that your new skill is working for you.



Get support anytime you need it. Having trouble getting online for a meeting, or finding the right course? We have answers for your needs. Additionally if you have any questions you can check our <%= link_to "FAQ", faq_path %> page, where you will find answers to common questions about Learning Budds.

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