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We believe that it's better to learn together. Our focus is on providing the best tools to make learning online more interactive. This is not a pre-recorded lessons or videos. This is a live online interactive training session delivered via webinar format that will allow trainees to learn and or refresh professional knowledge in flexible one hour sessions. Our platform connects you directly to professional trainers so you can reach your learning goals faster and with a more complete understanding of your skills. Upgrade and refresh skills, take refresher courses for better job opportunities, gain efficiency, or simply keep up with a constantly changing business environment.

Who is our platform best suited for?

1. A person out of the workforce for a length of time who plans to refresh his or her skills to gain confidence for going back to work

2. A new entrant to the employment market, for example, a new immigrant who needs affordable courses relevant to the job market

3. An employee who was not born into this computer era but needs to work with office computers

4. A skilled tradesperson working in manufacturing or service industry, who needs office tools for career or business advancement

5. A supervisor or manager responsible for managing people, who has lost touch with the latest office tools

6. Personnel supporting executives who are very busy but usually do not get chance to upgrade their skills

Unique Learning Structure

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Mentor Webinar

Professional instructors lead our online webinars and courses. We use for meetings so you can get realtime feedback from any instructor or student and get a complete understanding of your skill. Miss a webinar and access it later with a replay of the course content.

Social Discussions

Follow along in a live meeting with your trainer and discuss the class with other students.

Achieve Your Skill

Nothing feels better than learning something new, finish the course to achieve your new skill.

Naeem Rahman


"We believe that doing more and being more starts with bringing great people together. Learning Together is the future of all learning."